(4.1) Femmas Hair Color Cream 100ml Ash Brown

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Femmas Hair Color is a professional hair coloring treatment based on an innovative technology: `Balanced Formulation System`, a new scientific method to formulate hair color shades that allows to get the best color performance with the
minimum concentration of dyestuff. Advantages: natural, reliable and lasting results with no scalp irritation and sensitization.


Argan oil contains vitamin E and a high proportion of tocopherol, which is an antioxidant and has the property to protect the hair from environmental influences and strong UV rays. Hydrolyzed Keratin, the most physiological protein for hair, develops an effective reparative and protective action, while preventing damages caused by chemical treatment. Provides softness and strength and imparts to the hair a shiny and healthy looking that enhances color brightness.
Ceramides are easily incorporated between the cuticular cells and, thanks to their affinity to the surrounding proteins, they increase the cellular cohesion. They develop a double action:
*fix the pigment, making it enter deeply the hair structure and assuring a long-lasting color.
**rebuild the hair fiber, where necessary, leaving the hair healthy and conditioned.


• Rich and vibrant, mixable colors to create an infinite range of shades.
• Exceptionally bright, uniform and exact color results.
• Guaranteed 100% grey coverage on all hair types.
• Excellent color durability and stability, with no tone changes.
• Super lightening series formulated to safely lighten up to 5 levels.
• Effective protective action on scalp and on hair fiber during application.
• Hair is left reinforced, shiny, soft and easy to comb.
• Pleasant smell.


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