Gummy Hair Relaxer Super 550ml

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Smoothes the hair, producing soft, supple results.


“* Provide the skin on the hairline, ears and neck with petroleum jelly of a protective layer.
* Apply to dry hair.
Cover the shoulder with a towel. Wearing safety gloves.
* Divide the hair into 4 areas: front left, front right, back left, back right
* Apply sufficient amount of hair straightener to natural, untreated hair only. Never apply to the scalp and previously smoothed hair. If your hair was previously smoothed, apply only in the newly grown part.
* Starting from the neck, apply a sufficient amount quickly and evenly. Continue with small areas. First apply in the direction of the upper headboard and continue working towards the front parts. Work the hairline last.
* Application: Do not smear hair straightener on scalp, eyes or ears. If skin contact with neutralizing shampoo, gently wipe or rinse thoroughly with water. If the scalp burns after use, rinse immediately and see a doctor.
* Apply hair straightener until the hair is completely covered. Combine hair straightener with a coarse comb, with short movements towards the tips. Do not pull or tighten the hair during use.
* Gently comb the hair with your hands or a coarse brush. Repeat this procedure until the end of the reaction time. Do not coat the exposure time.
* Close your eyes and rinse the straightener completely with lukewarm water. Do not massage so that the hair straightener does not come into contact with the scalp. Thoroughly wash with a neutralizing shampoo (below pH 7) and rinse thoroughly.
* Dry hair with a towel and gently comb with a coarse comb.
* For best results apply hair cream or hair care products.


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