KING RESEARCH Clippercide Spray 425G.

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For hair clippers for hygienic cleaning of the shaving heads – with an anti-rust formula. Disinfection and lubrication according to the regulations: CLIPPERCIDE complies with European disinfection regulations. It has a germ and fungicidal effect and thus also eliminates the pathogens HIV (AIDS) and H1N1 (swine flu). The spray creates a thin film of lubricant, which reduces wear and keeps the blades sharp for longer. Cleaning and cooling: The spray pressure removes hair, dust and dirt from between the shear blades, while the surface is cleaned. CLIPPERCIDE has a cooling function that ensures the smooth operation of the hair clipper. The self-active cleaning formula cleans the shaving head and lubricates it at the same time. The shaving head stays sharp longer and the battery life is extended. Exposure time 5 minutes.


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