Morfose Argan Hair Shampoo 1000ml

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-Morfose Argan Shampoo has been specially developed for brittle hair. Contains a high proportion of tocopherol (vitamin E) and is enriched with argan oil whose nourishing effect on hair is known. As your hair is gently cleansed, it contributes to more elasticity. Due to a special component, your hair becomes more supple and stronger.
– Morfose Keratin Shampoo is enriched with vegetable proteins derived from keratin from corn and soy. While it gently cleanses your hair, it gives moisture. It makes combing wet hair easier. Due to a special component, your hair becomes smoother and stronger
Morfose Collagen Shampoo has been fortified with collagen, an important protein. While gently cleansing your hair, it helps your hair to reduce water loss and prevent its greasy appearance. Due to special components, your hair becomes smoother and stronger.


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