Morfose Milk Therapy Hair Mask 500ml

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Morfose Milk Therapy Hair Treatment is a unique hair treatment that revitalises and moisturises the hair deep into the hair. Milk proteins provide amazing fortification through the use of keratin in the hair. Invigorates dry and spiky hair.
Amino acids mixture; 12 different amino acids interact with the hair keratin to help protect moisture and strengthen the hair structure. The special formula provides softness, moisture and smoothness for dry and spray application:
Massage Morfose Milk Therapy Hair Conditioner into wet hair from the roots to the tips after washing. After a contact time of 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. For dry and sappy hair, extend the exposure time by 3 minutes. For a better result, wrap the hair in towel or plastic wrap during the exposure time.


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