Morfose (1) Haarfarbe Schwarz 100ml
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Dank der Formel mit Weizen- und Sojaprotein und dem Aminosäuregehalt von Haferextrakt stärkt und unterstützt Morfose Creme Hair Color die Haarstruktur.

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    Name: Morfose (1) Haarfarbe Schwarz 100ml
    Website-Meta-Schlagwörter: Haarfarbe

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    Morfose 10 hair color


    The wheat protein, oat extract and soybean oil in its formula nourish the hair and give the hair extra brightness and a soft appearance. The amino acids in the herbal blend are effectively absorbed by the hair and strengthen the hair by covering the hair strands and complementing the keratin structure. Ease of use with its creamy texture. Covers 100% gray hair. The color pigments adhere perfectly to the surface of the hair strands and are intended to ensure a long-lasting, bright hair color after dyeing and deliver vibrant and eye-catching colors. 


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