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Bate Gmbh

Of course, the beginning wasn't easy.

Mr. Temur, the founder of Bate GmbH, started without investors and with little cash in hand.


With a specific assortment and a door-to-door policy (warm sales), Bate GmbH nearly quadrupled its assortment within a year. The first furniture projects were launched 


 Bate.ch  is now online.

China Start 2015: 
Mr. Temur traveled to China with loans from friends. Without knowing anyone, this may have been the craziest event in Bate GmbH's history. 

After a week without success and half-starved, Mr. Temur finally managed to find an agent through connections. 

This marked the turning point in the company's history. .

The first shipments from China arrived.

After long travels and research, the first container arrived. And the move to the 600 square meter warehouse took place.


From 2017, Bate GmbH focused on technological expansion, while continuing to grow ...  

... and practically opening a new hair salon every week. 


It was a year of progress and development.