Bate Haarschwamm BAF-26
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Within minutes you'll have a head of perfectly formed twists.

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    Name: Bate Haarschwamm BAF-26
    Website-Meta-Schlagwörter: Afro hair sponge bate hair hair

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    • ☆Super quick and easy! Simply run this brush lightly over your head and move it in small circles as you go. Your hair is gently gathered into coils and twists, giving it a fuller, deeper texture
    • ☆Both sides can be used to collect your hair and help you save money
    • ☆No harm to hair: The material of sponge is very smooth and comfortable, will not pull the hair.
    • ☆Practical and affordable: Both sides can be used, you can use it anytime and anywhere to create your hairstyle and also save money save.
    • ☆Super quick and easy: wet your hair. Apply your styling gel to your slightly damp hair. Use sponge and go over your head in a circular motion. Do not press hard on the hair. Rinse in one direction only. Within minutes you will have a head of perfectly shaped twists.

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